Kangs Taekwondo Gets A Whole New Look

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Bong KangKangs Taekwondo

When businesses move locations, it’s time to reflect that in the online identity. Kang’s Taekwondo in the greater Tulsa, OK area wanted to do just that, so we gave them an enormous overhaul and re-branded the look and functionality of their website. They wanted to be able to give prospective students an opportunity to be able to purchase their uniforms and memberships online while upgrading the amount of information available.

Our vision is still incomplete, as we are continuing our relationship with Kang’s Taekwondo to give the new dojang an advantage in the marketplace. Check back often as we rollout the new functionality on the site in multiple stages. Some future features of the website are:

  • Class Calendar
  • Interactive Curriculum for Students
  • Webcam Integration for online instruction
  • Live 1-on-1 Training to learn Martial Arts from the comfort of your home
  • Custom Photography and Videography

  • To see the site live on the web, just CLICK HERE!